It’s hard to argue with the benefits of electrical stimulation for people with spinal cord injury. Clinical studies and decades of use have shown that using electrical currents to fire muscle fibers can have a multitude of benefits, from cardiovascular health, to reduced spasms, pain control, improved circulation and bone density maintenance. Recently, clinics have even been using e-stim combined with activity-based therapy and other treatments to help users recover function.

The problem with the technology has always been with how it’s administered. E-stim units are often expensive and/or complicated, requiring all but the most dedicated, supported and knowledgeable users to go to a clinic or rehab gym. But there’s a new product on the market that’s already changing the stimulation calculus: the PowerDot.

At Home

The initial incarnation of PowerDot is a small, user-friendly e-stim system that works through an app on your smart phone. Rob Lozuk, the general manager for PowerDot’s medical division, says the device empowers users to do things that previously required a visit to a doctor or therapist or “convoluted instrument with wires at your house.”