CHARACTER: Lind Bellows. Can play 40s, female. Can authentically portray a wheelchair user. Ability to do an authentic Aussie accent a plus. Flight Director of G-Force Mission Control, Lind is tough and hard-working. She accepts nothing less from her subordinates than unerring competence and unquestioned loyalty. She is well-aware of the skittish capriciousness of the stockholders upon whose confidence they all depend for future funding.

An over-achiever, Lind has had an amazing life, once competing for the Australian Olympic ski-team and graduating as the first female valedictorian from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a degree in aerospace engineering. She then served as a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force, flying her F35 in multiple combat missions before having to use a wheelchair as a result of an accident. Linda has zero patience or rapport with children — she’s unable to relate to them and unwilling to try beyond affecting a sing-song voice dripping with saccharine when she needs them to “not touch,” “be quiet,” “stop running” or “get out of my bloody way.” 7/10 SERIES REGULAR

LOGLINE: In the very near