Couldn’t Put It Down
I was amazed by the September issue (“The Big Ideas Issue,” September 2019). As a person with a new SCI, I am learning so much about how each of us travel on our own journey, and this issue was great in that it showed how technology will help us. I remember my great grandma being in a nursing home and how she used a similar chair to the one I am using now. It amazes me the lack of [new] technology for anyone using a wheelchair.

The article on “Disregard SCI Dogma” was eye-opening. It shows that people are working on ways to improve our lives. I look forward to reading more about this research as it unfolds.

This is the first magazine that I could not put down until I read everything. I would love to see more about our SCI culture. I appreciate the way this magazine can show inclusiveness of all SCI people. Thank you,
Melissa Kirkpatrick
Via Email

Big Ideas = Best Ever
Your September issue that examines technology, transportation, community, etc., is the best issue you have ever done. Every single article is well-written and well-researched. As a 61-year-old woman living with spina bifida, the articles have given me great hope for the future. Thank you for such an amazing collection of articles.
Nancy Gore
Roswell, Georgia

Tantalizing, Not Realistic
Unfortunately, most people with disabilities will not have the resources to purchase these items (“Hail the Smart Chair,” September 2019). Even worse, the durable medical equipment providers do not have the technical expertise to repair this high-tech equipment even if someone’s insurance agrees to the medical necessity of smart medical equipment. Knowing things like this are out there but realizing they are unreachable and, for all practical purposes, unrepairable is discouraging and frustrating.
Jeff Parker

Manual, Manual, Manual
It’s always “manual” wheelchairs! Especially cosmetics to “customize” the look to help the person in the wheelchair feel better about being in the wheelchair. Also, wheelchairs are expensive and we don’t have much say in what wheelchairs we really get with insurance/Medicare/etc.  It’s what we “need” and never ever what we want!
Dereck Lockwood

A Strong Hart
Happy to see Anne Hart getting some recognition for her valuable impact in the sport of wheelchair rugby (“Make Medals Meaningful,” September 2019). Keep up the g