Expensive Equipment
That’s the problem with any equipment to help people with disabilities be more active: It’s so expensive they can’t afford it (“Product Roundup,” November 2019). Medicare option is great, but not everyone in a wheelchair is old enough to have it — not to mention the fight you’d go through to get it approved even if you do.
Anita Sharp Wood
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Editor’s Note:
Regardless of your age, if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, then you are also eligible for Medicare coverage. However, there is a 24-month waiting period between when you start receiving SSDI until you may receive Medicare benefits. You also may be eligible to enroll in your state’s Medicaid program to receive health insurance during this waiting period.

Get it Done
Some people would probably cringe at the stuff I’ve rigged up (“Gear Hacks: Spatula Solutions,” November 2019) to assist me in doing nondisabled activities such as getting up in a tree stand or things I’ve done in my wood shop to make certain cuts. But hey, get shit done any way you can is my motto.
Kevin Kunz
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After Ian Ruder’s Bully Pulpit (“A Table With Tales to Tell,” November 2019) outlining the strange emotional attachment he has to his adjustable-height table, readers responded with their “can’t live without” pieces of equipment:

Tea Time
My electric tea kettle. It minimizes making a cup of tea, as it goes everywhere and isn’t too big or heavy. I got burned too many times using the stovetop kettle.
Allison Lansberry
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Easy Access Cutting
Mine are the slide-in cutting boards built into my lower kitchen cabinets so I can roll my lap under while I cut vegetables or prep other foods without hiking my shoulders. One is placed next to my oven where I can place hot items. The other, which is a bit higher, is next to the refrigerator and cooktop.
Madonna Logosz
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