Kate WilletteThis month’s column is about three molecules, a mom, a tenacious father-in-law and a biotech breakthrough with huge possible implications for people with spinal cord injuries. The story starts with the mom. Her name is Codi Darnell, and she lives with her husband and three kids in Vancouver, British Columbia. In March 2016, Darnell and her husband were renovating their house when she stepped into a 10-foot hole where a staircase would one day be. That fall was enough to cause a break at T11 and make her a paraplegic.

Darnell happens to be married to a man whose father is the sort who doesn’t take no for an answer. Here’s how she tells what happened next on her blog, HelpCodiHeal:

“We all know people who are fixers — people that see a problem and need to find a solution. My father-in-law, Dr. Harold Punnett, DMD (more affectionately known to me as Grandpa or HP), is one of those people. When he started sifting through the internet in search of a cure, we believed he was fighting an impossibl