Bob VogelQ. I broke my left femur when I missed a transfer to my chair. The fracture runs straight across and the bone is lined up, but my orthopedist doesn’t want to fix it surgically because the break is too close to the knee to repair with a rod, and screws with a plate would likely pull out of my osteoporotic bone. Instead, he prescribed a soft splint that keeps my fracture aligned and enables me to check my skin.

An eight-week follow-up X-ray didn’t show any signs of healing, so my orthopedist wrote a prescription for a PEMF bone growth stimulator. He said sometimes bone growth stimulators will jump-start the healing process. Now I’m waiting to see if my insurance will cover it.

What is a PEMF bone growth stimulator? How does it work? Have you heard of other people with SCI using one to heal fractures?

— Sarah, 47, T6 complete para for 30 years

A. Sarah, I had a simi