Reveca TorresLet me introduce you to my friends. They are so smart, and I know you will love them.

My favorite friend is Nestor (Nest Smart Thermostat). He knows when to keep me warm and when to cool me down. He just picks up on what I like and does it — so considerate. When I am away for a while, he doesn’t get cranky with me. On the contrary, he receives me with warmth.

Then there is Yolanda (Yale Smart Door Lock), my newest friend. She is safe, reliable and protective and doesn’t just let anyone come and go into my life. I can trust her.

Hector (the space heater)Hector (the space heater) is my longest and most loyal friend. I hate that I need him so much but love that he is always there when I do. We are together every single day in the winter