accessible family funSummer is right around the corner and the COVID-19 pandemic means this year will be much different than any other we’ve had in our lifetimes. There may not be packed musical festivals or big beach holidays, but there will still be plenty to do with our own families. And, who knows, maybe we will also be able to patronize some of our favorite adaptive sports organizations before the leaves start to change.

Handcycling on a Quiet Country Lane

Dr. Jon Porter, a T4 para, was in medical school when a friend of a friend gave him a handcycle. He and his wife, Kate, started cycling together after they were first married, and the couple made squeezing Jon’s bike into their small apartment a priority. Kate also bought a bike, and they spent weekends cruising on the Huntington Beach boardwalk and local trails in Upland, California.

When the Porters adopted two boys, now 3 and 5, cycling became a family affair, and safety is always a priority for the parents. Fortunately they live on a private country lane, so there’s lots of room for the boys to practice. “And now that our boys know how to ride without training wheels, it’s all they