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Top 20 Colleges for Wheelchair UsersA Guide to Wheelchair-Friendly Higher Education

New Mobility has released the most comprehensive college guide for wheelchair users ever created. Wheels on Campus identifies 20 schools that go beyond the letter of the law to create wheelchair-friendly campuses and cultures for a truly inclusive college experience. “We wanted to find those gems, those schools that really go above and beyond to say, ‘Your wheelchair is welcome here, your service dog is welcome here, you are welcome here,’” says project director Jean Dobbs. Download the guide for free, and for more insight, register for Thursday’s free college guide webinar.


Get Yourself Disaster-Ready

With COVID-19, hurricanes, wildfires and murder hornets, 2020 has offered plenty of examples of why it’s vital to be prepared for an emergency. To help, United Spinal Association created the Ready to Roll initiative — best practices and resources to help wheelchair users create a plan and a kit to get through the next disaster safely.


Sitting Pretty

Author and Instagram influencer Rebekah Taussig’s new memoir, Sitting Pretty, is a poignant, beautifully-written reflection on growing up disabled and the insights, insecurities and issues raised by her experiences. In this excerpt, Taussig delves into her romantic history.


Fixing Your Wheelchair

Good wheelchairs don’t come cheap, and neither do service visits. Learning how to keep your chair in tip-top shape, including how to make adjustments and fixes when needed, can save you tons of money and spare you the interminable wait for a repair person, all while prolonging the life of your ride. With that in mind, here are three guides — two for manual chair users, and one for power chair users — to save you time and money taking care of your chair.

How Paralympians are Dealing with the Pandemic

Everyone’s lives have been upended by the COVID pandemic, including elite athletes who were preparing for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Jessica Farthing talks with athletes who were training for the Paralympics about how they’re managing the delays and uncertainty of Tokyo 202(1). The advice they share — like putting your focus on the things you can control — is helpful for everyone, athlete or not.

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