After a long day of delayed flights and BS, I ended up stuck with an unexpected overnight at a sketchy airport hotel. Exhausted, I fell asleep naked on one of the double beds. At some point, a spasm launched me off the edge of the bed and I landed sideways, lodged between the mattress and the nightstand. Naked and by myself, I took stock of things. I am a C7 with crap hands, and only one was free. My one chance was to reach my phone and call for help.

Hotel reception sent a guy, and as he entered, I looked down to take stock of things. It wasn’t good. My balls were caught in my wheelchair spokes. The dude went straight to pull the chair away and I quickly interjected, “WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!,” just in the nick of time. Then I said, “Stranger sir, please lift my balls off the spokes first.” He did, and I was OK, but I almost lost the boys that day.
—Jules Strand