NM Person of the Year: Andrea Dalzell’January 2021
‘NM Person of the Year: Andrea Dalzell’

The Right Choice:
You couldn’t have chosen a better person. Congratulations, Andrea!
Jackie Wiegert Klotz

Lead On: I relate! What an incredible story. You are paving the way for so many others. I wish you didn’t have to encounter so many barriers on your path.
E.T. Russian

Barrier Busters: I absolutely love this! There’s no one more deserving. Yay for us wheelchair nurses breaking down those barriers.
Meg Prehn

Shattered Ceilings: Sissssssss! Making me proud. Keep shattering these ceilings people try to place above you!

‘Josh Spencer & The Last Bookstore’

Steinbeck Treasures: I had no idea of The Last Bookstore owner’s story. I’m from Liverpool, United Kingdom, but live in Mexico. My partner and I flew to Los Angeles a few years ago and found this bookshop completely by chance while we were out walking one evening. I loved it, spent hours in there and bought some Steinbeck paperbacks that I treasure. I was paralyzed aged 22, albeit in a different manner.

Post-Pandemic Destination: Great article about a place I’m drooling to go to when life returns. I saw the documentary about Josh Spencer and was completely captivated by his quiet charisma and resilience, not to mention his visionary business venture and philosophic worldview that overrides his disability and puts it on the back burner of his life.