Dec 12December 2012

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels. Starting this year, product listings can now be found in each section.

ADAPTIVE TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY    The Great Vacuum Cleaner Search • Three Can’t-Miss Tools • Making Music
HEALTH & HYGIENE   Change Your Doc’s Attitude • Ditch the Smelly Legbag • Botox for Bladders • Ideal Bladder Volume • Doctor Visit Tips
FITNESS & SPORTS   No-Frills Cardio Equipment • Desk-ercize: Take a Workout to Lunch
MOBILITY & SEATING   Navigating the Changing Mobility Market • When to Change Cushions
AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS & SERVICES   Choosing an Adaptive Vehicle • Insuring Your Adaptive Equipment
DISABILITY SERVICES   Using Your Independent Living Center • Detailing Your Chair
DISABILITY MEDIA   Web-based Video Info on SCI

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Nov 12November 2012

SEX AND DISABILITY ON THE SILVER SCREEN   When Mark O’Brien wrote “On Seeing a Sex Surrogate,” he could not have foreseen another polio survivor turning his essay into an award- winning movie 20 years later. Or three Academy Award nominees taking leading roles because they loved the script. And that other polio survivor — independent filmmaker Ben Lewin — who could have predicted such acclaim would flow his way at the age of 65?

22 ACCESSIBLE ROAD TRIPS  Veteran travel writer Candy Harrington has put together a useful guide to road trips for any region in the United States.

THE QUADRA STORY   The lightweight, high-performance, snappylooking wheelchairs of today actually began way back in 1976.

AGING AND SCI   We all know that aging is not for sissies. So it makes sense to know what to expect — and how to deal with it.

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Oct 12October 2012

YOUTUBE SUPERSTARS   Got talent but no tv contract? Grab your camera and crew and create your own Web series for the Internet. Zach Anner and Teal Sherer are doing just that — and capturing sizable audiences. More people than ever are cancelling their cable for free and lost-cost content online. Could Anner and Sherer be on to something?

ON THE SCENE   Chris O’Donoghue, wheelchair user since 1976, has won Emmys and other awards for his on-the-spot TV news reporting

SIP-AND-PUFF HUNTING   Adaptive shooting equipment makes hunting in the wild a realistic outdoor sport for quads and others.

PORGY’S LONG JOURNEY   Porgy — of Porgy and Bess — gets less crippled with each new performance. Is this progress?

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Sep 12September 2012

ELECTION 2012: LEFT, RIGHT, DISABLED?   The disability community, commonly considered to be in the Democrats’ camp, may not be as politically predictable as it seems. With the disability vote growing and so much at stake, where do you stand?

RECREATION: OUTDOOR THERAPY?   Whether it’s high-energy mountain biking or low-key photography, if it’s outdoors, it can be therapeutic.

MASSAGE AND DISABILITY   It may be the neglected child of the extended family of alternative treatments — for pain, spasticity, and flexibility.

ADA LAWSUITS: JUSTIFIED OR PREDATORY?   What is the true cost of thousands of “drive-by” lawsuits? California is seeking an answer.

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Aug 12August 2012

PARALYMPICS COME FULL CIRCLE   On August 29 the Paralympics return to England, the birthplace of wheelchair sports. The growth of competitive sports for people with disabilities has been phenomenal.

SHARING THE SCI CONNECTION   After becoming a quad, Josh Basile took on the challenge to be a lawyer. But he didn’t stop there.

SAFE SLEEPING   Beds designed to eliminate pressure sores can be costly, or not. Either way, when you need one, you’ve got to have it.

ONE WILD RIDE   What did Bob Samuels do when he woke with weakness in one leg and a few hours later was totally paralyzed?

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Jul 12July 2012

THE LATEST VEGAS   These days, they say, Las Vegas has something for everyone. For those who want to experience all-night clubbing, bright lights, glitz and glitter, MARK E. SMITH takes you on an up-close, first-person powerchair cruise of the strip. Interested in finding just the right place to stay or where to take the family that won’t cost an arm or a leg?

WALKING SKELETONS   Comparing braces and crutches to exoskeletons is like trading a bike for a Harley. But are they affordable?

DANCING IN THE SEA   Surfing is like dancing — you follow the lead of the sea. When your rhythms connect, you can’t get enough.

THE TAO OF POO   No, not Winnie the Pooh. The other poo, the stuff we do our best to hide.

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Jun 12June 2012

PUSH GIRLS   They are beautiful, dynamic, and on the move, propelled by ambition, idealism, and shared camaraderie. But are the PUSH GIRLS — stars of the Sundance Channel’s brand new reality show of the same name — the real wheeler-thing? All eyes will be on Auti Angel, Angela Rockwell, Mia Schaikewitz and Tiphany Adams as the show debuts this month.

SHOCKING UNDERWEAR   Drawers, briefs, skivvies, panties: Will adding electric current make for pressure-free buns?

DISABILITY U   Cal State Northridge isn’t exactly Berkeley, but its commitment to students with disabilities is no less impressive.

ACCESSIBLE EDINBURGH   An international traveler finds surprising accessibility in one of the oldest cities in the U.K.

HIRING YOUR PCA   There’s no formula for hiring the perfect caregiver, but there are ways to screen out crazies, do-nothings and no-shows.

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May 12May 2012

FUTURE FITNESS NOW   To see it is to believe it, and to know the story behind it is to believe in the future. Arizona Bridge to Independent Living may have created the perfect model to follow — a disability empowerment center so comprehensive that it includes a sports and fitness center that takes the concept of independent living to a whole new level.

DOCTOR BRAD   When he’s in, he’s in all the way — be it his medical practice, his obsession with electronics, or his family.

DARE2TRI   Melissa Stockwell is well-known as a wounded-warriorturned-athlete. Now she leads disabled youth following inher tracks.

ONCE LOST, NOW REGAINED   When an SCI robs you of the natural world, there may be a way to reclaim it.

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Apr 12April 2012

STAYING ‘UP’ DURING DOWN TIME   When medical complications intrude, we feel an oppressive weight on our bodies and minds. The thought of having to spend time down in bed in order to heal can drain our hope. But there are things we can do to stay positive and focused. We can even improve our lives while waiting to get back into action.

YOGA AT HOME   Matthew Sanford’s newest DVD is a tool that can help integrate our minds and bodies into one harmonious whole.

KICK BACK CITY   Ever want to just stop the world and get off? Cedar Key might be just the place to renew your outlook.

TALL TALES   “Ride a mile in my wheels” and you’ll gather enough wacky stories to amuse friends, befuddle enemies, and defy credulity.

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Mar 12March 2012

JUSTIN HINES: MUSIC IN HIS HEART   At 30 years old, Justin Hines is starting to make a name for himself. But like a lot of entertainers, he’s been doing what he loves most of his life. From early childhood to his first major performance at the age of 13, he discovered the joy of singing and proved he was good at it. Now he has released three albums and tours internationally, and his audience continues to grow.

CLINICAL TRIALS 101   What you need to know about experimental treatments vs. clinical trials, and the risks and uncertainties of both.

EPIC ROAD TRIP   Dad, dog, and daughter drive 3,000 miles in three weeks on the mother of all road trips.

LIKE PULLING TEETH   First, ratchet up your courage to go. Second, find an accessible dentist. Neither is easy.

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Feb 12February 2012

SEX, WHEELS & RELATIONSHIPS   What does it take for a marriage to get through tough sledding? ROXANNE FURLONG tells the story of Duane and Stacey Drake, who stuck together through hard times and now know the deeper joy of a lasting relationship, in “Mature Love.” On the lighter side, ELLEN STOHL takes a look at the world of sex toys and mutual exploration in “Finding What Works.”

FINALLY, THE MV-1   The MV-1 — formerly the “Standard Taxi” — has now become a player in the long-overdue transition to accessible taxis.

STIR-FRIED PANTS   Sometimes “easy” is not best. When lacking in accessibility, travel can be an adventure and a cultural classroom.

CASE CLOSED?   After more than two years of investigation, California’s adaptive van fiasco is gone, but not forgotten.

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Jan 12January 2012

PERSON OF THE YEAR   “Artie” is more than a character in a popular television series. He’s a symbol of our history of discrimination, an example of our evolving status, maybe even a harbinger of future acceptance. Whatever he is, he is out of the box, and he’s getting one heck of a lot of attention. He’s also New Mobility’s 2011 Person of the Year.

WORLD TEAM SPORTS   Putting nondisabled and disabled participants on teams together is a great way to start an adventure race.

DENIED BOARDING   Know your rights and prevent being denied a seaton a flight. Yes, it still happens.

BATGIRL BROUHAHA   Has DC Comics fallen prey to disability ignorance, or are they capitalizing on their anything-can-happen world?

ONE ROOM, TWO WORLDS   There is more than one way to conduct a spontaneous “healing” when you’re stuck in rehab.

ESCAPE FROM PARADISE   Carrying a Crip Crap Kit and her tin underwear, your intrepid traveler sets sail for Sin City.

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