December 2013

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

ADAPTIVE TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY: Neurotech for Pain and Bladder Control / We’re Wheelie Cooking Now
HEALTH & HYGIENE: 7 Tips for Avoiding SCI Health Complications / The Chanda Plan for Health / Hydrophilic Catheters May Reduce UTI Risk But Need a Separate Code
FITNESS & SPORTS: Three Fun Ways To Stay Fit / Handcycle Trainers for Fitness
MOBILITY & SEATING: ‘Beyond the Chair” Skin Protection / Three Easy Ways to Get the Most out of Wheelchair Manufacturer Websites
AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Basics of Buying an Adaptive Van / 11 Fuel-Saving Strategies for 2014
DISABILITY SERVICES: Crowdsourcing for Care and Cure / Access Apps

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Nov 13November 2013

RISE OF THE RIGHT-WING GIMP   Attorney General Greg Abbott is running for governor of Texas, and odds are he will win. As the longest-serving attorney general in the state’s history, he has a record of crushing his Democratic opponents. But Texas’ disability community is fearful that he will ignore their needs, which tend to be supported by liberal politicians.

BREATHING EASY   Many wheelchair users have sleep disorders that affect their health. Oxygen is the remedy, and CPAP delivers it.

ACCESSIBLE HOTELS   A NM Survey has identified readers’ needs, choices and priorities. Here’s what wheelchair users think about accessible lodging.

THINGS I’D LIKE TO SEE   Outlandish adaptations can be the best of all. Front-end wheelchair plow, anyone? Removable tank tracks?

NO RELAY FOR OLD MEN   Running from Mount Hood to the Oregon Coast is hard on all participants, including handcyclers. Until party time at the beach.

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Oct 13October 2013

SEVEN DISABILITY-FRIENDLY GEMS   Every so often someone (including New Mobility) comes up with the latest list of towns and cities that are friendly to people with disabilities. But each place has its drawbacks. Maybe it’s time we think about where we are, where we call home and what it has to offer.

BOTOX BLADDER  The usual drugs that control your bladder all have troublesome side effects. Botox proves to be a viable alternative.

GOOGLE GLASS   Want a voice-activated computer built right into your eyeglasses? Well, it’s here.

ROOTS OF BIAS   We humans have a need to compartmentalize. But when it comes to understanding crips, too little info is dangerous.

DISABILITY SQUARED   What happens when you finally get your disability lifestyle down pat, then you are beset with a second one?

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Sep 13September 2013

E-STIM FOR WELLNESS  In the beginning, functional electrical stimulation was all about standing and walking a few steps or temporarily activating a paralyzed arm, a way to envision an as-yet unrealized promise. For most of us, it has amounted to little or nothing, but its focus has shifted. E-stim, whether employed in FES cycling or an exciting new application of rowing exercise, now offers health benefits that can improve our lives in very real ways.

THE SMART APARTMENT   A major rehab facility now has a model of a fully automated living space — a “smart” apartment. Nice, but who can afford it?

MY FATHER’S STORY   How do you live with a family member’s decision to end his life when you have just returned from rehab to face your new one?

BARRY’S JOURNEY  Parts of his life are legendary. Others play like a bad dream. Through it all, Barry Corbet remained sel