December 2014December 2014

CELEBRATING 25 YEARS    The anchor of our cover package — “EMBEDDED” — was originally published in AARP Magazine, not in NM. Until now. It appeared posthumously in 2007, after its author, Barry Corbet, retired as editor of NM. This masterfully executed narrative is about the challenge of maintaining dignity and independence in a nursing home, written with authority, grace, and humor. Complementing this is “MAKING A DIFFERENCE” — four current reader-contributed stories chosen by our staff as contest winners — especially for this celebratory issue. Plus: BEST COVERS — reader favorites and staff picks.

KING OF THE SKY     Jarrett Martin has never stopped loving the excitement of freefalling, even when he became a T3 para.

THE BIG IDEA     The Reeve Foundation wants you to support epidural stimulation, which just might change your life.

GLACIER BUGGIES     Glaciers are formidable and far from accessible — unless you can catch a ride on a monster-sized Terra Bus.

BLUE MAN DEBATE     Is it time to consider redesigning the international symbol of access? Pro and con essays.

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Nov14COVNovember 2014

2015 Consumer Guide

ADAPTIVE TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY     Best of Gearcrip: Collected reviews of new products.

HEALTH & HYGIENE     Cathing for Women: Finding what works and sticking to it.

FITNESS & SPORTS     Handcycling: Not Just For Paras: Power-assist handcycles tame the outdoors.

MOBILITY & SEATING     Your Next Power Chair: Now is the time to ask for what you want.

AUTOMOTIVE     Affordable Vans and Cars: Tips on how and where to find deals.

DISABILITY SERVICES     Grieving a Service Dog: It’s like losing your best friend.

DISABILITY MEDIA     Worst of Smart Ass Cripple: Four smart ass offerings from Guess Who.

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Oct14COVeOctober 2014

THE EMPLOYMENT GAME     The odds and disincentives are stacked against us. But with a thorough understanding of the rules of the game, we can still work part-time while getting benefits. And for those who are prepared, persistent, and lucky, full-time work can offer a way to thrive.

NM: 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY     New Mobility stories from 2010-2014: The journey comes full circle with a lasting sense of personal growth.

RACE OF TRUTH     Will Lachenauer tackles the Tour de Nez, a handcycling test of speed and endurance, and finds it’s about more than winning.

QUADS AND FITNESS     It isn’t easy finding ways to exercise when you’re a quad. Here are some fitness tips for those with limited arm function.

ARCHAEOLOGY OF A WOMAN     Sharon Greytak brings her disability perspective to a film about moms, daughters, mystery and dementia.

PARENTING BY THE NUMBERS     Raising five children and 14 grandchildren from a wheelchair? How does Tammy Johnson do it?

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FBPhoto_SeptSeptember 2014

STORIES OF INVENTION     As individuals, our lives are all about inventing ways to deal with not only our disabilities, but also a culture that often considers our needs as an afterthought. So we find ways to go over, under, around and through obstacles. But a few people – authentic inventors – immerse themselves in creative problem solving and come up with products that work for just about all of us. MARK E. SMITH shows us how four wheelers broke through barriers and discovered solutions.

NM: 25-YEAR ANNIVERSARY     New Mobility stories from 2007-2009: A look back at what it means to feel “at home.”

LACROSSE, ANYONE?     Have you noticed a new sport sweeping the nation? So how do you wheel with those funny stick-baskets in your hands?

SCHOLAR-ACTIVIST     When it comes to disability rights, Bill Peace not only thinks, writes and talks about it, he takes action.

NSCIA NEWS     In this month’s NSCIA section: Spotlight on the Houston chapter, a recreational camp for wheeler kids, a note from our CEO, and other news and events.

EVERYDAY NEGOTIATING     There is a right and wrong approach to every negotiation. The trick is to stay focused on your goal.

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Aug14COVAugust 2014

CHANGES AROUND THE GLOBE     Sometimes we become absorbed in our own culture and lose sight of the big picture. Seeking a wider viewpoint, IAN RUDER talks with wheelers from India, Syria, Czech Republic, Brazil and Australia and finds that change is sweeping the globe. The pace and extent of change varies from nation to nation, but one common factor seems to unite us: Attitudes toward disability are the key to progress.

NM: 25 YEARS, STILL KICKING     A retrospective look at 2004-2006 through the eyes of New Mobility freelancers — gangbangers redeemed, twins and more.

A TASTE OF SONOMA     Accessible wine tastings are just one activity in California’s wine country. Think wildlife trails, hot-air balloon rides and artisan cheeses.

FLYING IS HIS GAME     Not only does Dan Buchanan know how to fly, he is an expert at making a dramatic show of it — for fun and profit.

NSCIA NEWS     In this month’s NSCIA section: report on New Mexico chapter, 3rd Annual Roll on Capitol Hill, news and more.

AGING WHEELERS     Whether we admit it or not, most of us fit in this category regardless of age. So what can we do about it?

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Jul14COVJuly 2014

RAPPING REHAB    We’ve got physical therapy and occupational therapy — why not rap therapy? Namel Norris and Ricardo Velasquez, both gunfire-injured paras who grew up in the Bronx, must have asked themselves this question sometime around 1999 when their paths first crossed. JOSIE BYZEK tells the story of how two hip-hop performers are taking their message to young people in hopes of guiding them down the right road.

NM: 25 YEARS AND GROWING    New Mobility’s most riveting stories of 2001-2003 redefined who we are and what is most important in our lives.

FROM FLOOR TO FLOOR    Have you noticed that single-level homes are hard to find? Here’s how four wheelchair users travel vertically.

FAMILY MAN    Joe Delagrave is probably best known as Team USA’s quad rugby captain, but his true passion is being the best dad he can be.

NSCIA NEWS    In this month’s NSCIA section: the Boston chapter, filmmaker Jason DaSilva, other notable news and events.

CINEMABILITY    Jenni Gold’s superb documentary on the history of disability in film and TV could be a mainstream hit. All that’s lacking is a backer.

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JuneCoverJune 2014

DISCOVER THE SAN JUANS   Unless you live in the northwest United States, you may have never heard of the San Juan Islands. They are the proverbial well-kept secret – beautiful, serene, unspoiled, set apart from the mainland but easy to reach. SUSAN M. LOTEMPIO gives us a guided tour of the best the islands have to offer – sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, crabbing – and best of all, relaxing in an unhurried haven of natural wonders.

NM: 25 YEARS AND COUNTING    NM travels back in time to 1997-2000 and revisits women’s issues, Jack Kevorkian and Justin Dart.

ELECTRIC CARS    Not long ago we had nothing. Now there are three accessible mini-cars gearing up for wheelchair-using drivers.

NSCIA NEWS    Spotlight on the San Diego chapter, other events and news from NSCIA.

STRESS AND YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM    Researchers find what links autonomic dysreflexia to your immune system — and how we can benefit.

GET HAPPY    SCI survivor Mat Barton didn’t miss a beat when he crashed his mountain bike. He picked up a pen and went back to drawing.

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May14COVMay 2014

ACCESSIBLE GAMING   Over the past several years, gaming and controllers have become ever-more-sophisticated and complex. For quads and others who lack fine finger dexterity or arm movement, this has posed a problem. But thanks to a dedicated core of disability-friendly designers and gamers, a grass-roots-tested product — the Quadstick — could level the playing field.

NM: 25 YEARS AND COUNTING   In our ongoing celebration of New Mobility’s legacy, we revisit timeless issues and writing from 1993-1996.

TRACK CHAIR HEAVEN   A decade ago the idea of a mini-tank/wheelchair was a crude dream. Today we have three to choose from.

PARALYMPICS PICTURED   Didn’t get enough of the Sochi Paralympics on network TV? Check out commentary and cool photos.

NSCIA NEWS   Focus on South Carolina chapter, members, events and more from National Spinal Cord Injury Association, a program of United Spinal.

CLEARWATER: CLEAR VISION   The legendary festival of Pete Seeger — always a model of socially responsible music and accessibility — lives on.

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Apr 14 April 2014

TAMING OUR FEAR OF FLYING   The list of things that can go wrong when a wheelchair user travels by air is as lengthy as a Roman scroll. The good news is we are finally getting organized and demanding the attention of the airline industry.

NM: 25 YEARS, STILL KICKING   The seminal years — 1989-1992: the right people, the right time, the right combination of anger and determination.

FULL FORCE, NONSTOP   Restaurateur Ashley Lauren Fisher — face of a model, brain of a businesswoman, heart of gold.

WHAT’S UP WITH NSCIA   A new NM section features chapter news, members, events, resources and more from the National Spinal Cord Injury Association.

BLACKOUT!   A polio survivor faces the truth about her body on the day the Big Apple goes black.

COLOSTOMY PROS AND CONS   The word inspires fear, but the practical benefits may be worth it.

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March 2014March 2014

THE HIGH COSTS OF WALKING   Everyone in the SCI community knows that complete paras do not just get up and walk unsupported — ever. But once in a great while the perfect circumstances converge — like stars aligning — and someone busts out of the box. Jessica Harthcock did just that, but only after several years of total commitment, hard work, tremendous support, and a lot of good fortune.

THE MYTH OF WORK   What can we expect from a culture that calculates a person’s worth in dollars?

CRUISING ALASKA   A place as rugged as Alaska can’t be described as wheelchair friendly. But with smart planning, it can be unforgettable.

ARE WE PREPARED?    Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy took their toll, but where do people with disabilities stand with emergency planning now?

IN RARE COMPANY   Jason Becker was at the threshold of rock-and-roll fame. Then came ALS. Twenty-five years later he is still making music.

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Feb 14 February 2014

SEX, WHEELS & RELATIONSHIPS   Kaitlyn and Greg are fond of doing just about everything together — hiking, canoeing, skydiving, even making yogurt as business partners. And that’s not the only thing they enjoy making together. Love is at the top of their list. This high-energy couple creates sparks wherever they go, from the top of a volcano to a redrock canyon.

TWO VIEWS OF A LIFE   An obituary is factual and brief, but a sister’s memory of her brother’s passing will live in the hearts of all who were touched by him.

POSTURE 101   Our bodies may be bent, but changing habits and getting the right aids and equipment can make a difference.

SUPER WONDER CRIPSTER WOMAN   When the world seems like an unfriendly place for us, Super Wonder Cripster Woman dons her cape.

FROM CHICAGO TO RIO   Paralympic athletes from two different hemispheres exchange visits and learn about advocacy and friendship.

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Jan 14January 2014

PERSON OF THE YEAR: DEBORAH DAVIS   We call her “A One-Woman Force for Inclusion,” and her brand of advocacy is unique. She is on a mission to demonstrate to the world that wheelchair users are a vital, important part of everyday cultural, travel-related, and economic activity, and she is doing it with a time-tested strategy: Pictures speak louder than words. Deborah Davis is New Mobility’s 2013 Person of the Year.

DEAD TOO SOON?   NM staff and readers comment on a life-and-death news story that hits hard and keeps on hitting.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE   As a child, rivers were his playground. When he became a quad at age 66, his kayaking days were over. Or so he thought.

A MOVING EXPERIENCE   One first-time home buyer’s advice: A realtor is not enough. Today, thankfully, we have the Internet.

SHREDDERS   What are those crazy young wheelers doing with their jaw-dropping moves and mid-air flips? Inventing a new sport.

MOUSE TO MEDS   New FDA regs speed up the process of moving certain critical meds from the lab to the pharmacy.

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