NMDec_CoverDecember 2015

WHAT MAKES US HAPPY     Many words can be used to describe happiness: contentment, satisfaction, well-being and pleasure are a few. TIM GILMER speaks with fellow wheelers Randy Alexander, Teal Sherer, Alice Wong and Jen Goodwin, plus shares his own story in this uplifting story that celebrates family, relationships and vocations.

WINTERTIME FUN      Ah, winter … time to break out the mono-skis, bi-skis, XC skis and snowmobiles. BOB VOGEL shares the hows and wheres.

YOGA SERENITY      Instructors like PATRICE PRIYA WAGNER are organizing to make yoga more accessible and more widely available.

BUYING YOUR FIRST HOUSE      MARK BOATMAN shares every step, from choosing the right property to renovation and modification tips.

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE PRO TIPS      Finding quality programs and workers is hard. Good thing MIKE COLLINS is here to help.

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November 2015 Annual Consumer Guide

Tools for Quads: Smart Homes; New Hands-Free Mouse

Health Care Gets Easier: Finally, a Home Wheelchair Scale; Melio’s Self-emptying Leg Bag.

Fun on the Ice: Wheelchair Curling

Three Cool ways to Get Around: SmartDrive MX2 Power Assist; Spinergy ZX-1; Ripchair

The Flip Side: Wheelchair Funding Threatened

Crash Testing, Tie-Downs, and More: Staying Safe …

Testing Your Limits: No Barriers Summit

Bright Light in a Dim World: The Inspectors — a new TV series

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OctCoverOctober 2015

ACCESS AT NATIONAL PARKS      Ashley Lyn Olson of wheelchairtraveling.com is one of the country’s leading voices on accessible travel, and in this month’s cover story she launches her Access to Parks Project by exploring three of the more than 400 national parks that enrich America. Read about her adventures through Cuyahoga National Park, Shenandoah National Park and Mammoth Cave National Park and learn all the accessible highlights

HOT AIR BALLOONING      Just because you use a wheelchair doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy flying high in one of the oldest forms of air travel.

FASHION TIPS FROM A PRO      Can’t find clothes that work with your wheelchair? KATE MATELAN helps you find the right solution and breaks down accessible fashion myths.

INTER-ABLED COUPLES      Relationships between wheelchair users and nondisabled people happen all the time, but what makes them work?

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