Jean Dobbs
Jean Dobbs

Publisher and Editorial Director
Being the “big picture person” at New Mobility means overseeing everything from content to design to budgets, while also collaborating with the editorial team on a daily basis. One of my favorite duties is art directing the covers, working with talented photographers and illustrators to accurately portray active wheelchair lifestyle in a way you won’t see anywhere else. When I pry myself away from the computer, I enjoy nature photography, pet parenting and listening to my husband, John, make music in Wilmington, N.C. Contact me.

Josie ByzekJosie Byzek
Executive Editor
My role as executive editor is to ensure all of our articles are consistently the best they can be. More than anything, we want our content to be meaningful and practical, as well as entertaining. I’ve been with New Mobility since August 2000 and am excited about the ideas and insights our new crew — editor Ian Ruder and associate editor Seth McBride — bring to the mag. When not at my laptop you’ll find me kayaking, perfecting a vegetarian recipe, or hanging out with my partner, Ginny, and our youngest kid, Antonio, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Contact me.

Ian RuderIan Ruder
As the new editor of New Mobility, I am looking forward to continuing the legacy established by my predecessors and helping guide the magazine into the next era. I have had the pleasure of learning from the NM team over the past seven years, and I hope to bring a fresh perspective while maintaining the high standard for well-written content that is valuable for the wheelchair-using community. When I’m not working from my home office in Portland, Oregon, I’m probably seeking new culinary delights or watching my San Francisco Giants. Contact me.

Seth McBride
Associate Editor
I’m the new guy at New Mobility. Though my C7-8 SCI happened in 2001, I spent the first 15 years of my post-disability life going to school, traveling the globe, playing wheelchair rugby and doing my best not to find a real job. Eventually, I realized that writing stories people want to read can actually qualify me as a contributing member of society, so here I am. Many of my writing niches mirror my life’s interests — travel, adventure, fitness and adapting equipment for doing whatever I want to do, disability or not — but really, I just like hearing about interesting people doing interesting things. Have an idea? I’d love to hear it. Contact me.

Tim GilmerTim Gilmer
Editor Emeritus
As editor emeritus I do some of what I did as editor of NM from 2000 to July 2018, only on a part-time basis. I write occasional stories and blogs, edit a few columns, news items, blogs and stories, as needed. I also proof the magazine each month from cover to cover. Readers’ requests for help or information sometimes find their way to me, and I’m happy to reply and offer advice. In my free time, I write screenplays and enjoy spending time with my grandsons. Contact me.

Bob VogelBob Vogel
Senior Correspondent
As senior correspondent, I’ve been writing for New Mobility since 1996, covering adaptive equipment, sports, health, people and travel. I also write “Para/Medic,” an in-depth health column. I love sharing my 34 years of experience with SCI, as well as learning from our readers and sharing their experiences. I also enjoy talking with top SCI researchers and clinicians, gathering information and options for our readers — and myself. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing from a reader that something I wrote made a difference. Contact me.

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Advertising Sales Staff

Megan Lee
Sales Executive

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