Need a little inspiration to get going today? Here’s a story that’s sure to warm your heart!
Emily Ladau, a young wheelchair-bound woman suffering from Larsen syndrome, was stranded without food last night in New York City. A kind man asked her if she needed help, but before she could respond, he bought a slice of pizza and brought it to her on the street. Fueled by the meal and the man’s amazing act of kindness, brave young Emily overcame the odds and found her way home.

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Does this sound familiar? I wrote it tongue-in-cheek, but you’ve undoubtedly seen stories that are similar. The real story, though, is anything but inspiring. After a long evening out in New York City, I was in the mood for a burrito. I looked up the nearest Mexican restaurant and rolled over, only to be greeted by a steep staircase. It became clear that none of the other nearby restaurants were accessible either, so I finally settled for pizza that my boyfriend bought for me to eat on the street.