When it comes to full-time wheelchair use, the one aspect we all have in common is pressure management. There’s a misguided notion that some of us are at risk of pressure sores (decubitus ulcers), while others of us are not. The fact is, full-time wheelers are all at risk for pressure sores. Approximately 75 percent of our body weight is concentrated on our buttocks when seated — a region that isn’t physiologically designed to sustain that static weight for extended periods. As a result, we all have to routinely adjust positioning to reduce concentrated pressure in order to lower our risks of pressure sores.

For low-risk individuals — and a lot of factors contribute, from natural movement to hydration to moisture control to age — pressure management is an intuitive process. However, for those at higher risk, most commonly due to a lower sensation level, declining skin elasticity and difficulty performing weight shifts — pressure management is a far more vital, complex subject. Therefore the question becomes, what are among the most innovative, effective seating solutions that ensure better pressure management for advanced needs?

When the Cushion Shifts Pressure for You