Seth McBrideIf spring is gardening time, fall is yard care time. Like gardening, there’s something soothing about putzing around the yard — gathering leaves, mowing, weeding, cutting back all the growth from a long, hot summer — simple, repetitive tasks outside lend nicely to reflection and stress relief. But, while gardens can be set up with accessibility in mind [“Roll Out There and Garden,” March 2018], making an entire yard accessible, especially if you have any property, isn’t feasible for most. It would take a fortune and some serious earth moving equipment. When you can’t (or don’t want to) make the world accessible, adapting equipment is your best bet. This month, I talked with a couple of wheelers about how they get outside to maintain their personal patch of earth.

Like a Surf Board for Your Yard

Arwen Bird, a para from Beaverton, Oregon, has an interesting w