Seth McBrideIf spring is gardening time, fall is yard care time. Like gardening, there’s something soothing about putzing around the yard — gathering leaves, mowing, weeding, cutting back all the growth from a long, hot summer — simple, repetitive tasks outside lend nicely to reflection and stress relief. But, while gardens can be set up with accessibility in mind [“Roll Out There and Garden,” March 2018], making an entire yard accessible, especially if you have any property, isn’t feasible for most. It would take a fortune and some serious earth moving equipment. When you can’t (or don’t want to) make the world accessible, adapting equipment is your best bet. This month, I talked with a couple of wheelers about how they get outside to maintain their personal patch of earth.

Like a Surf Board for Your Yard

Arwen Bird, a para from Beaverton, Oregon, has an interesting way of managing all her weeding and planting needs. She lies down on an elevated platform on wheels to push and pull herself all over her yard, and i