Technology: Winning The Uphill Battle

Todd Stabelfeldt

Welcome to Todd Against the Machine. I’m the author and namesake Todd Stabelfeldt and like all of you, I’m in a fight.

We all have a machine that whirrs around us and a life that sometimes grinds us down. It might be a flat tire on Tuesday, a fall that lands you in urgent care on Wednesday, a job, or the bills … we all face the fight. Since I became a C4 quadriplegic in 1987, I’ve fought for my independence and to present myself as Todd: the human and not just Todd: the quadriplegic.

Some of the road has been harsh. The core of my existence as a child was being reminded that I had to do what I was told and that the chair didn’t make me special. I was going to go out and get a job and put food on the table like everyone else. Quadriplegia didn’t exempt me. I was told that I would leave the house by age 20, and that I should be grateful for the two-year grace period. In fact, I left home at 16.

It’s been tough, but I’ve