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Great American Getaways

This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.

April 2017

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Adaptive Clothing Shakes Up the World

From the runways of Los Angeles and Moscow to department stores and online shopping, adaptive fashion is moving out of designers’ basements and into the spotlight.

March 2017

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Sex, Wheels and Relationships: Women's Pleasure

This article is about sex and women’s pleasure. And not for the purpose of making babies or pleasing male counterparts. Just plain sex.

February 2017

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Cover Story

People of the Year: The Resisters

New Mobility's 2016 People of the Year are the resisters, those advocates who tirelessly fight back against the message of "better dead than disabled."

January 2017

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Cover Story

Paralympics: Rio 2016

Fear of Zika, budget woes and safety concerns didn’t keep the world’s top disabled athletes from rocking out at the 2016 Paralympics.

December 2016

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2016-2017 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2016


What’s Next for the Affordable Care Act?

How could we expand and improve the Affordable Care Act to make our lives better?

Don’t Get Lost in Recovery

When it came to recovery, the issue was navigating the fine line that separated motivation from delusion.

Glassouse Turns Your Head Into a Mouse

The Glassouse basically turns your head into a mouse or trackpad.


Rolling Under the Friday Night Lights

High school football is larger than life in Texas, and Kyle Walsh has a front row seat from his power chair as an offensive line coach.

The Truth About Aging

Richard Holicky talks with aging wheelers to see what they’re doing to make sure their final years are golden ones.

My Life as a Paralyzed Criminal Defense Attorney

Would my clients think I was incapable now that I was in a wheelchair? I had mixed reactions from other lawyers.


  • epidural-stimulation

Mayo Clinic Epidural Stimulation Trial Enables Movement and Stepping

A new trial further validates the effectiveness of epidural stimulation.

  • Heels-&-Wheels

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital to Host Heels & Wheels 5K Road Race & Walk

Burke Rehab will hold its annual Heels & Wheels 5K Road Race & Walk on Sunday, May 7, 2017.

  • Lenin-Moreno

Wheelchair User Lenin Moreno Elected President of Ecuador

Lenin Moreno won Ecuador's April 2 presidential election, becoming the first wheelchair user elected as a head of state in Latin America.


Advancing the Power Chair: Past, Present, Future

Why are power chairs so behind the times when it comes to technology?

SCI Life: April 2017

Swiss Stair-Climber; YouTube vlogger China Dixon; The Overcome Podcast

Alleviating Health Risks of Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is certainly no stranger to people with SCI.

Other Recent Articles

Restricted Access to Tables

Q. After having another Friday night with friends ruined due to a lack of access at our favorite neighborhood watering hole, I need to find out what regulations might be in place regarding accessible seating for wheelchairs.

Don’t Let the Chair Fool You – I’m a Winner!

All over the world, the nondisabled public tends to see a person in a wheelchair as one of life’s losers, the unfortunate butt of a cosmic joke. It’s that weak smile of acknowledgement you get in the elevator which means, “There but for the grace of God go I.” That person exits the elevator feeling like a winner just by encountering you!

More Neuropathic Pain Meds

“The Pain That Never Stops,” elicited several helpful responses from readers who shared their experiences in dealing with neuropathic pain. But some readers contacted me after reading the article and reported using different drugs than those mentioned.

Getting Into the CrossFit Box

The gospel of CrossFit is spreading to people with disabilities.

The Pain That Never Stops

Stabbing. Burning. Shooting. Maddening. Tim Gilmer addresses neuropathic pain and searches for solutions.