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Medical Marijuana More Acceptable — and Refined — Than Ever

Innovation in the safe, legal use of medical marijuana heralds a new age with refined strains and delivery methods, and possibly more relief than ever before.

July 2016

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Adventure on the Open Seas

Oceans cover 71 percent of the planet, so why not get out and explore them?

June 2016

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All About Uber

Transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft are revolutionizing the way we get around, but are they leaving riders with disabilities at the curb?

May 2016

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Accessing Ad Land

From a Kleenex tearjerker about a man and his dog to a sweet Honey Maid offering of an aunt bonding with her niece, Ad Land has never featured so many wheelchair users.

April 2016

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Preparing for Disaster

From hurricanes to wildfires and floods, there's one thing in common: The Red Cross hasn't understood disability.

March 2016

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Weddings and Wheels

Four weddings that include wheelchair users in unique ways.

Sex, Wheels & Relationships Issue


  • Eric-Edling

Dear Gov. Pence, Please Stop ‘Helping’

Some help is the kind of help we all could do without.

  • Alex-Ghenis-podcasts

The Hands-Free Beauty of Podcasts

Just a few years ago, I discovered a thing that makes those little trips around [...]

  • ABLE-accounts

New ABLE Accounts for Folks on SSI and Medicaid

Hey, folks on SSI and Medicaid! You know that ever-dreaded $2,000 “asset limit” that effectively [...]


Accessing 3 Uniquely American Travel Adventures

Three affordable, accessible travel stories about finding Americana.

China Trials Suggest Walking Can Unlock SCI Damage

The China SCI trials are very successful — people with complete injuries are walking again, and regaining control over their bowel and bladder.

My SCI Taught Me to say “Yes” to New Experiences

Since his T11 injury, Steve Dalton has learned to say "yes" to new experiences. Now, he says his life is better than it was before his accident.


  • Jerika-Bolen-Prom

Adults with SMA Question Teen Jerika Bolen’s Decision to End Life

Jerika Bolen, who has spinal muscular atrophy type 2, plans to turn off her ventilator with the full support of her mother Jen.

DNC Changes Platform to Include Long Term Care

After being left out initially, community integration, including a right to long term care services, [...]

  • accessible-taxis

More Accessible Taxis Coming to Chicago

Although Chicago is already a very accessible destination, it’s getting ready to ramp up that [...]


New Wheel Technologies for Ultralight Wheelchairs

There are new wheel technologies that really have reinvented aspects of the wheel — with notable benefits for ultralight wheelchair users.

SCI Life: July 2016

Heidi Mackenzie starts her adaptive clothing line; "Disabled friendly leisure boats"; “Kickin’ It in the Kitchen”

Eat Your Mosquito Repellent

Summer is great, just not the mosquitoes that come with it. And if you have limited movement and dexterity, swatting those blood suckers away can be a long lasting pain … or itch.

Other Recent Articles

Recreational Marijuana May Be Undermining Medical Supplies in Oregon

As recreational marijuana becomes legal and widespread in Oregon, medical marijuana card holders find their supplies are dwindling as a result.

South Carolina: A Whole New Feat … On Their Feet

Shouts of congratulations and waves of applause could be heard along the entire race route from runners and spectators alike. The unique reason for all of the support is that both of them have spinal cord injuries.

Spotlight: Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley is blessed with a number of wonderful state parks, but there are two that really stand out for the breadth of their accessible options.

Hudson Valley Chapter: Instilling HOPE

The first two steps for almost any successful chapter are to develop and fully embrace a mission and then to figure out how to serve that mission. The Hudson Valley Chapter of United Spinal devised a great mission

Wheelchair Celebrity Boot Camp

Thirteen contestants, 13 weeks, one finally named ‘America’s Wheelchair Celebrity.’ Sounds exciting, no?