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Wheeling in Cuba: 90 Miles Away and a World Apart

Cuba is only 90 miles from the tip of Florida, but Josh Basile and his friends found visiting Havana is like wheeling into a 1950s time warp.

August 2016

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Medical Marijuana More Acceptable — and Refined — Than Ever

Innovation in the safe, legal use of medical marijuana heralds a new age with refined strains and delivery methods, and possibly more relief than ever before.

July 2016

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Adventure on the Open Seas

Oceans cover 71 percent of the planet, so why not get out and explore them?

June 2016

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All About Uber

Transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft are revolutionizing the way we get around, but are they leaving riders with disabilities at the curb?

May 2016

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Accessing Ad Land

From a Kleenex tearjerker about a man and his dog to a sweet Honey Maid offering of an aunt bonding with her niece, Ad Land has never featured so many wheelchair users.

April 2016

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Preparing for Disaster

From hurricanes to wildfires and floods, there's one thing in common: The Red Cross hasn't understood disability.

March 2016


Religious Organizations Must Be Inclusive

Temple Emanu-El of West Essex in Livingston, New Jersey, installed this ramp to its [...]

7 Hard-Core Parking Abuse Strategies

What will it take to get nondisabled drivers to stop parking in accessible spots? Here [...]

The IZ Collection’s Fall/Winter 2016 Line

The IZ Collection released its Fall/Winter capsule and is excited to talk about many of the new items.


Wheelchair-Friendly Scotland Boasts Cool Places, Warm People

Home to quirky sites, Scotland offers some of the warmest hospitality found in Europe.

Starting a Support Group

Peer support groups can increase life expectancy, decrease depression and improve quality of life. They can also be hard to find.

What You Need to Know About Bladder Cancer and SCI

The risk of bladder cancer for people with spinal cord injuries is 15 times higher than that of the general population, but there are ways to even the odds.


  • accessible-beach-Valentino

Valentino May be the Most Accessible Beach Ever

Opening this past June, the Valentino Beach Club has what may be the most wheelchair [...]

Wheelchair Boxing Strives to be a Paralympic Sport

Wheelchair boxing may one day become a Paralympic sport, but it still has a long [...]

  • Project-Value-Catherine-Frazee

Project Value Asserts Disability is Not Worse than Death

A group is out to testify that there's so much more to life with a disability than one of “suffering that could last decades”.


Motorvation: What’s New in Accessible Vehicles

There are many manufacturers that realize the value of our customer base and have continued to introduce new products or improvements.

‘We’re the Superhumans’ Ad a Super Hit

Paralympics ad; Disability Pride parade in NYC; Xbox wheelchair avatars

SCI Life: August 2016

Accessibility pioneer J.R. Harding; Manual wheelchair attachment; Powerchair fishing

Other Recent Articles

Spotlight: Sacramento

Sacramento offers a range of exciting attractions for locals and visitors. There’s no shortage of things to do. Thankfully, most of Sacramento is very accessible.

Sacramento: Networking Is Key to Quality of Life

Sonny and Jeanette Ali, founders of the Sacramento Spinal Foundation, talk about their vision for the organization, and are focusing on trying to network the SCI community with manufacturers and products.

Ervin: Managed Care Mobility Device Replacement

They call it the Seduction wheelchair. Apparently if a guy drives it down the street, women throw themselves at him. They can’t resist.

Anticholinergic Medications and Dementia: Clarification, Perspective, Options

Q. I’m 49, in my 10th year as a T7 complete para. I take VESIcare to manage my bladder spasms. For me it has minimal side effects, mainly dry mouth and drowsiness, but it’s difficult to tell if the tired feeling is from the drug or life as a para ...

51 Years A Para

“No,” I said. “I will not stay and I will not wait another minute. I am out of here.” I called my wife, told her to pick me up and discharged myself.