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Quad Photography

Now that so many people have access to smart phones with decent cameras built in, the art of photography is approachable as never before. Four quadriplegic photographers tell us which adaptations and tricks of the trade work for them.

September 2017

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SCI Anniversaries: Why Do We Celebrate Them?

Some have parties and some reflect quietly, but “Break Your Neck Day” or a “Quadaversary” is a very real thing. Tim Gilmer talks with 10 wheelers to try to understand the motivation and what people get out of this seemingly odd tradition.

August 2017

Making Your Home AccessibleSlide thumbnail

Making Your Home Accessible

Our reporters share ways to make the accessible home of your dreams more of a reality.

July 2017

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Outdoor Recreation Programs for All

Summer is finally here, and we’ve got great recreation ideas including kayaking, sailing, hiking, camping, handcycling and more.

June 2017

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Rory Cooper: The Man Behind the Technology

You may have never heard of Rory Cooper, but if you use a wheelchair or have a disability, there is a good chance you have used or benefitted from a product or invention he has been involved with.

May 2017

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Great American Getaways

This month we make our way from coast to coast, exploring five unique, accessible, affordable places you’ll want to visit on your next vacation.

April 2017


My Successful Accessible Road Trip to Travelers’ Rest Fest

Accessible road trips are fun, especially when your favorite band is playing at the end of it.

  • disaster-planning

Disasters Aren’t Accessible, so the Plan Better Be

I admit disaster preparation isn’t a priority and as a full-time vent user, it should be.

  • baclofen-pump

Saying Goodbye to the Baclofen Pump

He's had a Baclofen pump since his injury, but now it's time for something new.


  • accessible travel new mexico

New Mexico: Falling in Love with the Land of Enchantment

Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico, are alive with color, history and great food.

  • cooking on wheels

Take Back the Kitchen

Cooking with everyday chefs on wheels.

  • accessible music venues

For the Love and Sake of Live Music

Accessible seating at music venues? Here's how and why we need to make it happen.


2017 Disability Equality Index Shows Employment Progress

This year's Disability Equality Index shows more companies are recruiting employees with disabilities.

CMS Clarifies that Medicare Covers Maintenance Care

CMS has clarified that Medicare covers maintenance care such as PT and OT based on need.

  • Parasports-broadcasting

ParaSports Live to begin Webcasting this Fall

Parasports Live launched in early 2017 and will begin broadcasting sporting events this fall.


  • Rick Hayden

Rick Hayden: Behind the Smile

What does Hayden think about the current state of wheelchair technology? We asked him.

  • accessible power boats

Accessible Power Boats for Cruising

The world of boating is open to people with disabilities as it has never been.

The Corona That Always Shines

It felt good being on equal footing with the rest of society for those two minutes.

Other Recent Articles

SCI Life: September 2017

Erin Saari's real possibility of recovery; Joystick steering system for adaptive sailing; Accessible tiny home

Spinal Cord Injury and Cardiovascular Disease

Q. Is there a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease in people with SCI? Are there specific risk factors and/or symptoms? Are there tests to check for this that I should ask my doctor for? What are the treatment options? Are there ways to lesson chances of developing this?

Sucking the Marrow of Life

The more crippled you are, the more impossible it is to travel light.