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People of the Year: The Resisters

New Mobility's 2016 People of the Year are the resisters, those advocates who tirelessly fight back against the message of "better dead than disabled."

January 2017

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Paralympics: Rio 2016

Fear of Zika, budget woes and safety concerns didn’t keep the world’s top disabled athletes from rocking out at the 2016 Paralympics.

December 2016

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2016-2017 Consumer Guide

Adaptive products and adaptive lifestyles go hand in hand. Our annual Consumer Guide shows you the tech — and the techniques — for living fully on wheels.

November 2016

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Tammy Duckworth: Our Champion in Congress

U.S. Congresswoman and wheelchair user Tammy Duckworth, a wounded combat vet, is running for the U.S. Senate. She's our champion on Capitol Hill.

October 2016

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Chill Mitchell Wins Hollywood

It’s famously rare for wheelchair-using characters to be played by wheelchair-using actors on screens big and small, yet Darryl “Chill” Mitchell has no problem getting roles. What’s his secret?

September 2016

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Wheeling in Cuba: 90 Miles Away and a World Apart

Cuba is only 90 miles from the tip of Florida, but Josh Basile and his friends found visiting Havana is like wheeling into a 1950s time warp.

August 2016


  • UpScale-exam-table

UpScale Exam Table Designed with Disability in Mind

There is finally an exam table designed specifically with people with disabilities in mind: the [...]

Liftware Level-ing out the dining experience

  If you have limited use of your arms or hands, eating can be a [...]

5 “Quad Tricks” for Managing a Day at Home Solo

It’s tough for a quad to manage a day at home solo and still get [...]


Homemade Adaptive Gimplements and Gizmos

When obstacles to everyday living pop up, creative imagination devises gizmos, gadgets and gimplements.

When Your Bladder or Bowels Control Your Life

Neurotech expert Jennifer French gives us the rundown on the latest bladder and bowel research and inventions.

Using Teamwork to Get Through a Medical Crisis

Faced with a daunting operation and a long recovery, a husband and wife team up to get the best results possible.


  • access-symbol

Connecticut Passes Law Updating the Access Symbol

The famous blue and white access symbol depicting a wheelchair user has been widely used [...]

  • Aron-Anderson-sit-ski

Swedish Adventurer Reaches South Pole in Sit Ski

On Dec. 21, 2016, Aron Anderson, a Swedish man, became the first person to reach [...]

  • Marcie-Roth

FEMA’s Marcie Roth Instructed to Resign due to Agency Error

Thanks to a years-old administrative snafu, FEMA’s first and only director of the Office of [...]


Taking Off the Pressure

When it comes to full-time wheelchair use, the one aspect we all have in common is pressure management.

SCI Life: January 2017

“I was still me – a filmmaker. I knew that if I could still express myself, I could continue my life as an artist.”

Crip Buzz: January 2017

Here’s an unpopular opinion: Anderson Cooper’s coverage of “drive-by lawsuits” on 60 Minutes wasn’t nearly as egregious as many disabled people seem to believe.

Other Recent Articles

Extending Your Reach

Unable to move his fingers and with limited hand use, Dave Kott knew he needed adaptive shop tools to create his ideas. He and a friend developed simple adaptations to allow him to work more on his own.

Spotlight: San Antonio

A major tourist attraction, the city has plentiful opportunities for people — with or without disabilities — to ensure a wonderful experience while here.

Chapter Check-In: San Antonio

Rolling Inspiration, a San Antonio-based non-profit, now doubles as United Spinal’s San Antonio chapter. Rolling Inspiration got its start as a simple support group at a local community center in 2010.

Standing Up To CMS to get Needed Number of Catheters

Marjorie Williams had grown accustomed to regular calls from her medical equipment provider to check on how many catheters she had left, so when they called she didn’t think anything of it. They informed her that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had forced them to slash the amount of catheters she received monthly.

SCI Foot Care Tips To Help Avoid Serious Complications

Q. I am 55 and in my 20th year as a T9 complete para. Over the past five years the skin on my feet has become quite fragile. I recently developed a pressure sore on my left heel ...